Culture and Values

We make it possible

… To evolve is to anticipate changes; Is to see beyond the future. To evolve is to reinvent each day. The Evolution is in the DNA of Acuntia and our motto is “We make it possible”.

We are Entrepreneurs …

Our customers do not buy technology, they find solutions to evolve. We know that there is no single solution, there are unique solutions and if you can imagine, we can do it. …

We have the necessary qualities, knowledge and skills to manage projects, with the capacity to take risks, with intuition, with the ability to project abroad and with the capacity to react and solve problems, all with a spirit of innovation, responsibility and autonomy .

We are transparent

… We are explorers by vocation. They are the footprints that we leave when walking, the ones that draw the path.

… Our transparency allows us to generate maximum confidence among all the members of this project: employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders or society.

We are Responsible

… We are not looking for customers, we are looking for fellow travelers. We discover new routes to our clients and we travel with them.

… We contribute actively and voluntarily to social, economic and environmental improvement, with the objective of improving our competitive and value situation, offering services adapted to the needs of our clients.

We are Engaged

… And it’s the people, who make it possible. They are our ideas and our nonconformity, which brings value to our customers.

… The Commitment of our people reflects their intellectual and emotional involvement, and with it their personal contribution to the success of Acuntia. We share beliefs, attitudes and values ​​such as efficiency, productivity, safety, attractiveness and retention, satisfaction, permanence and loyalty of customers, that solvency as a company.

We are Supportive

… With every step we take together, the journey is longer and when the journey is long, the friendship is strong and lasting.

… We are in solidarity with a feeling of unity based on common goals and interests, we are willing to help without receiving anything in return with the aim of establishing social ties as narrow as possible.

Profitability and Growth

… We have been providing more than 25 years of profitability and growth, we continue to explore the universe of information and communication technologies to discover new worlds, always with orientation and closeness to our customers and suppliers.