… And video conquers the business world

Acuntia has been recognized as a reference integrator after almost 15 years of being involved in the development of digital television in Spain, leading projects with the main operators nationally and internationally, contributing with its experience in the expansion of its IPTV platforms and the adaptation Of its services to the new technologies of the market, like OTT (Over The Top). All this experience in the reception, treatment and distribution of audiovisual signals has been put in value by offering companies solutions adapted to their needs to increase and improve their communication channels.

From the development of Corporate Television, Digital Posters and Content Diffusion (live or on demand) projects, to consulting services and others aimed at improving the distribution of such content (optimization of existing networking infrastructures or content distribution networks – CDN).

Acuntia has for more than 10 years implemented video projects in companies with important references in different sectors, and offering advanced solutions in the following areas:

  • Corporate image

Comprehensive projects aimed at disseminating the corporate image both internally and externally. Solutions such as corporate television for common areas, singular spaces, meeting rooms and senior management, incorporating conventional TV and / or corporate channels, digital signage solutions for internal and / or external communication (Marketing, HR, etc.) and Live event broadcast solutions allow the dissemination of a brand image to both employees and customers

  • Content Portals

    Audiovisual communication is increasingly important and is present in the different channels that we use to spread our brand, both to employees and customers and suppliers. With the growth of communication channels, the assets to be managed are increasing.

    For these environments, Acuntia offers high-value solutions that range from the integral management of audiovisual assets: CMS (ingestion, coding, metadata, fixed and mobile access, etc.) to integration with corporate solutions such as employee portals, Training, digital signage, event broadcasting, etc.

  • Optimization of DistributionThe massive use of audiovisual assets presents a challenge for communication networks. The increase in both the quantity of videos consumed and the quality of the videos subject the communications to a challenge for which they have to be prepared.In this field Acuntia, with its wide experience in communication networks, provides solutions to optimize the existing infrastructures as well as the necessary support for the implementation of new audiovisual services.

    In addition, content distribution networks (CDNs) are becoming an essential tool for optimizing bandwidth as well as ensuring an optimal user experience.