Beyond Unified Communications

Above ERPs, CRMs, BIs, KMs … interpersonal communications continue to be the key to the optimal functioning of any organization. Collaboration tools are concerned -beyond the technology- of people and their interactions.

Collaborative teamwork allows organizations to achieve better and more ambitious results than those obtained individually by members of the same team. Collaboration tools, integrated into the processes and culture of an organization, facilitate group interactions by reducing their latencies, maximizing their flexibility, and thereby enriching the results.

Real-time voice communication continues to be the most used medium, and ToIP’s technology provides the foundation not only for it but also to implement a complete collection of collaboration tools. Correct implementation of the technology is key to its success and acceptance by its users.

Among the tools of collaboration the video stands out for its relevance as a richer channel for the transmission of ideas. It is estimated that people can easily remember 70% of what we see and hear, compared to only 20% of what we hear only … “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It is logical that the solutions that integrate video are the ones with the greatest increase in demand are currently having.

The consumption model of these tools is also evolving in search of a better use of time. Very quickly we have gone from being anchored to our desks to wanting to have the tools of work anywhere. Mobility is a key requirement for collaboration.

On the other hand the collaboration can not be understood subject to borders delimited by the own ones of the organization. It is imperative to ensure interoperability to enable effective and rich communications with third parties, regardless of the technologies used by each end.

With these demands, cloud-based service models and hybrid models are taking a clear advantage in offering solutions. Their ability to adapt to a changing reality makes them an ideal solution for a large majority of organizations.

From Acuntia we are experts in starting from the real needs of our clients to select the technological solutions that best adapt in each case, always taking into account that technology is only part of the solution.