Letter from our CEO


Welcome to our website.

Over the last 25 years, in Acuntia, we have had the privilege of living very closely the evolving needs of our customers, who have come from initially employing information technologies to process data, to later using them to generate real competitiveness and productive transformation for their organizations. Now they face the very important challenge of digitization.

From the first Ethernet standards to the Software Defined Networks, from the first private networks to the cloud, from basic services to complex models of managed services, it has been an exciting and inspirational journey, filled with constant challenges and drastic changes, during which our objective has been to be the best travel companion for our customers. A collaborating, involved, self-demanding, close, open to dialogue, smart and strong travel companion.

We have lived through moments of prosperity and macroeconomic fluctuations, we have changed name, shareholders and offices, but we have never distanced ourselves from our customers or lost sight of their needs, which have been the engine that has driven the evolution of Acuntia.

Acuntia is today a bigger company, has the best team in its history and encompasses a greater and more complex portfolio of innovative solutions and services, but we know that the best is yet to come. An exciting future awaits us, full of opportunities for our customers, employees and trusted partners, where we will continue to make things happen.

By the way, our name derives from the Spanish verb acuntir, which means to happen, to occur.