Solvency and Trust

Acuntia is a company of the highest solvency that enjoys the confidence of large Spanish customers and leading international vendors. The factors that make this possible include:

  • Financial Strength

In Acuntia we have taken profit of the expansive economic cycles to grow at double digit rates while in the downward cycles we have focused on protecting profitability and cash. This has produced a significant cash generation which together with an efficient financial management allows us to enjoy a very strong balance sheet.

  • Installed base

We are privileged to have a growing installed base of over 300 major active customers including more than 20 companies in the IBEX 35 and large multinationals. We have an important diversification in different vertical markets and geographies.

  • Services

Acuntia services are highly valued by our customers for their quality and our ability and flexibility to adapt to the customer needs. The services we provide, often complex and high value-added, account for about 40% of Acuntia sales, and have a high degree of recurrence.

  • Technical Qualification

Acuntia has more than 300 professionals, most of them engineers with a high level of expertise.